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Patreon Subscription

We offer music via Patreon subscription for lower cost. Just become our patron and download all published music from our Patreon library for free. So join others and let's make next music track together!


Important to know:

● You can download music for small fee that cover the costs of creating it.

● You only pay for new tracks!

● Your credit card will be charged only when we'll publish new track in the beginning of each month.

● You will have unlimited access to all our music we've published earlier.

● You can choose any tier you like.

● You can use my music tracks in any type of commercial media project.

● You can even monetize your video on Youtube or other platforms.

● We have here two types of licenses - Creative Commons and Standard License. Creative Commons means you can download it and use with crediting us. And Standard License means you will need to make a dispute by using included license file.

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