Copyright Free Music

We offer copyright free music via Patreon site. Just become our patron and download all published music from our Patreon library for free.  Join others and let's make next copyright free track together!


Important to know:

● You can download music for small fee that cover the costs of creating it.

● You only pay for new tracks!

● Your credit card will be charged only when we'll publish new track in the beginning of each month.

● You will have unlimited access to all my music I've published earlier.

● You can choose any tier you like.

● You can use my music tracks in any type of commercial media project.

● You can even monetize your video on Youtube or other platforms.


Can I use this music in my videos?

Sure! Just don't forget to credit us or become our patron on Patreon.

Does this music have copyrights?

This type of music does not have any copyright.

What is 'Copyright Free'?

This means that you will have no copyright issues when you use this track on YouTube.

Why should I become your patron?

Because on Patreon we can garantee highest quality of files, also we offer additional versions of each track. You will find there tracks not only from Roman Senyk but from another talented composers as well.

What if I will decide to quit your patron program?

No problem! You will have the ability to use that music tracks you've downloaded earlier but will not have access to new publications!

I thought this music is free but Patreon says that I need to pay!

When you will decide to become our patron your credit card will not be charged immediately! But only when when we will publish new track! Also it means that you will get all music that we've published earlier for free. In a few words: you will pay only for new tracks!

Hey! You said that this music is Copyright Free so why I recieved copyright claim/notice?

Do not panic! This is very common situation. Content ID fingerprint system can mismatch our track. Please just send us link to your video ( and attach some screenshot with claim information. Claim will be released until 24 hours!

How can I credit you?

Just mention author, name of composition and attach the link to original track. For example: Music Info: Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer by RomanSenykMusic. Music Link:

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